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In the face of the rise of extremism and cultural isolationism, phenomena that threaten the social cohesion of the European Union, we will invest in promoting cultural and artistic diversity, supporting European artists, preserving European cultural heritage and encouraging talent.

Multilingualism will be at the heart of our vision for Europe (*), and we are determined to ensure it has enough financial support. We will promote cultural and linguistic diversity to ensure an inclusive society. This will include support for minority languages and stimulating cultural and artistic cooperation between nations within the European Union.

And although the budget devoted to culture currently represents only 0.2% of the European budget, we hope to multiply this figure by 10.

We will also create a European statute for artists guaranteeing them recognition, mobility and access to social rights. We are convinced that a European strategy to protect strategic cultural assets can preserve Europe’s cultural heritage for future generations.

We will implement a European cultural passport to give all young Europeans access to free or discounted cultural assets throughout Europe. By developing a strategy for protecting and enhancing regional heritage, we want to preserve local traditions and strengthen social cohesion.

Finally, we will develop a dynamic strategy for European video games and consolidate the recognition of sports at the professional and amateur levels. This approach should nurture and stimulate European talent while promoting collective values such as team spirit and sports ethics.

Priority Actions

  • Multiply the budget allocated to culture by 10.

    • Standardise multilingualism in the communication of European institutions.

    • Ensure that all official digital content complies with a regulatory obligation to respect multilingualism.

    • Promote agreements with major technology companies so that search engines, algorithms and browsers do not discriminate based on language when users in minority languages make queries.

    • Promote linguistic diversity, especially regional languages.

    • Support minority languages.

    • Include in the eligible actions of the Creative Europe Programme and the pro-digitalisation initiatives of the recovery and resilience plan support for the development of all types of platforms for the production, grouping and dissemination of content in minority or regional languages that contribute to the strengthening and development of a digital identity for these cultures. Ensure their presence on major content platforms.

    • Ensure sufficient funding for regional language translations as part of Creative Europe.

    • Create a framework for a European status for artists and guarantee recognition, mobility and access to social rights.

    • Preserve the sustainability of all artistic and cultural expressions.

    • Protect our heritage and strategic cultural assets.

    • Prevent the takeover of our major players.

    • Strengthen European cultural identity.

    • Offer a European passport and give access to free or discounted European cultural assets and shows.

    • Promote the cultural mobility of young Europeans.

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