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Digital technology is the cornerstone of Europe’s future. In this era of rapid change, it is imperative that we fully seize the unprecedented opportunities offered by the digital revolution. We will invest in the research, development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We must not be afraid of it. On the contrary, thanks to AI, we can unleash an extraordinary potential for stimulating innovation, optimising industrial efficiency and shaping new economic spheres. In the face of this digital transformation, we are committed to doing everything possible to bridge the generational gap. We are convinced that to build an inclusive digital future, providing a comprehensive digital education that is suitable for everyone is crucial. Training in digital skills is fundamental. We will enable every citizen, whatever their age, to learn and take advantage of the opportunities the digital ecosystem offers. We are therefore committed to simplifying administrative procedures to promote efficiency and encourage innovation for all. Furthermore, the strengthening of cybersecurity will be non-negotiable. Indeed, as we build our digital future, we will further protect our infrastructure, data and online services. Ensuring the confidentiality and security of our citizens’ and businesses’ data is a cornerstone for establishing a reliable digital environment. We remain and will continue to remain firmly committed to preserving the utmost respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. We are committed to ensuring that the principles of privacy and freedom of expression are never compromised. We must also strengthen our ability to ensure reliable supplies for our industries and reduce our dependence on external suppliers. This will strengthen our economic sovereignty while consolidating our position on the world stage.

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  • Allocate significant resources to the research, development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Develop a clear regulatory framework for AI, including transparency and control of algorithms, and promote new governance of artificial intelligence at the United Nation



  • Invest in comprehensive digital education programmes tailored to all citizens.
  • Strengthen the connectivity of rural areas.
  • Bridge the gaps between urban and rural areas and facilitate new forms of democratic participation.
  • Take greater account of outermost regions.
  • Fully defend the rights and needs of seniors.



  • Promote efficiency and encourage innovation.
  • Remove bureaucratic barriers to facilitate digital access for all.



  • Implement robust protection measures for our online infrastructure, data and services.
  • Ensure the confidentiality and security of our citizens’ and businesses’ data.



  • Promote a European preference for European digital products and solutions for public administration.
  • Increase semiconductor and chip production in the EU through a common strategy.
  • Support the storage and processing of data in the EU, in particular to protect it from extraterritorial laws.
  • Guarantee a reliable supply.