The European Union must act more quickly and more effectively

European Democratic Party Priority Actions

In the vast field of industry, where our future is forged, we are committed to cultivating a European economy that protects our resources, diversifies our supplies, safeguards our strategic companies and promotes fair competition on a global scale.

Thus, to reduce our dependence on a small group of supplier countries, we will be diversifying our sources of supply and ensuring their security. At the same time, we will institute effective reuse and recycling mechanisms to mitigate the environmental and economic consequences of the extraction of these resources.

In addition, we will pay particular attention to the threat of economic espionage. By implementing advanced surveillance methods and implementing appropriate protection measures, we will strengthen our resilience against this growing threat.

But there can be no autonomy without transport. In this area, as well as adopting new digital and energy technologies, we are committed to investing in an efficient network of high-speed rail, air and sea links. We are convinced that improving infrastructure will facilitate cross-border travel and promote European integration. By developing transport – especially public transport – we will increase trade, encourage intra-European tourism and make it easier for people to get around.

In addition, we will develop simplified and transparent procedures to facilitate access to funding for research and development. By supporting access to EU funds, we will stimulate creativity, encourage the emergence of new ideas and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness on the world stage.

In order to create employment opportunities, promote growth and allow Europe to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, we will implement policies and incentives and encourage the transformation of research results into concrete products and services.

Finally, we are convinced that investment in the space sector is essential for Europe’s competitiveness, security and prosperity. However, we will promote responsible practices in space exploration and put in place security rules to protect the interests of the EU and its Member States in space.

Priority Actions


  • Increase the circularity of materials in the European Union by developing the reuse and recycling of rare materials, with comprehensive supply chain monitoring and promoting eco-design.
  • Develop the sustainable exploitation of strategic raw materials in the European Union and further diversify our imports.
  • Better control the export of strategic goods and technologies.
  • More closely monitor and counter economic espionage by foreign actors.
  • Enable fair international competition and support our strategic industries by considering the creation of a European fund to protect strategic industries against coercive practices or takeover attempts from outside the Union.


  • Demand compliance with the investment plans set out in the Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) to improve cross-border connectivity through a European network of high-speed rail, air and sea links.
  • Accelerate the transport sector’s digitisation and ecological transition and develop an integrated, smart and European mobility system.
  • Support the production of batteries and energy storage in the European Union and the deployment of alternative fuel supply infrastructures.
  • Propose the celebration of a European Year of Cycling.
  • Make the European Union a leader in zero-emission aircraft.
  • Strengthen public transport, particularly by simplifying its use through shared ticketing systems.
  • Develop the Single European Sky, a key element in the efficiency of air transport and emissions reduction.


  • Simplify access to European Union funds for research and development, particularly for SMEs and researchers.
  • Promote the commercialisation and market adoption of new technologies and innovations in the European Union.
  • Promote synergies between European programmes.


  • Propose general European Union legislation for space, including environmental and space sustainability criteria and space security rules.
  • Increase the European Union’s space budget, mainly to guarantee its access to space and the development of its satellite constellations (Galileo, Copernicus, IRIS 2).
  • Propose the creation of a European Space Command to protect better our European space assets and those of the Member States.
  • Support the launch of public and commercial satellites from the European Union.
  • Revise the Treaties to give the European Union a greater role in regulating space.