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We are convinced that every young person should have the means to succeed and achieve their potential without being hampered by social, economic or geographical obstacles. Hence why we propose a tangible and effective youth policy for the EU which will provide them with a solid foundation, for example in education, business creation and housing.

We are convinced that young people should have access to high-level education that is open to the world, that rivals the greatest American and Asian universities, and that prepares them for jobs in the labour market. We will be committed to offering young people a European civic education, allowing them to feel like fully European citizens and engage in the democratic process.

We are convinced that young people should be heard in the democratic process and be able to present their visions and ideas.

Finally, we believe that the mobility of young people must be an integral part of all curricula, from secondary to higher education, and that their diplomas and qualifications must be automatically recognised.

Our party is also concerned about the mental health of young people, particularly in view of the omnipresence of social networks, and we plan to introduce concrete measures to protect them. Thus, to preserve and develop these healthy minds, we propose creating a “StartEU” programme that would provide them with the financial and logistical resources necessary to carry out their projects.

We also believe that civic engagement is important for young people, and we propose creating a European civic service to enable them to contribute to projects of public interest in different European countries and strengthen their sense of belonging to Europe.

Finally, to strengthen their sense of belonging to Europe and promote mutual understanding, we will offer young people more rail travel in Europe, mobility in general and access to cultural activities.

Naturally, our movement will continue to make it easier for young people to access internships and job opportunities within European institutions. This will help develop their professional skills and understanding of the European Union’s inner workings.

Priority Actions


  • Increase mental health protection among young people, particularly with regard to social networks.
  • Define a legal digital age and set up a European mental health hotline to ensure rapid treatment.
  • Introduce automatic parental controls to protect young people from inappropriate content on the internet.


  • Create a ”StartEU” programme to give young people a good start in life.
  • Provide the financial and logistical resources to carry out their studies, set up a business or find a home.


  • Enable young people to gain experience and develop skills while contributing to projects that benefit society.
  • Encourage European volunteering, with a particular emphasis on the European Solidarity Corps, which encourages exchanges and promotes the Union’s social model and values.


  • Help young people to discover other cultures and connect with people from different countries, strengthen the sense of European belonging and foster mutual understanding.


  • Give young people the opportunity to develop professional skills in an international environment and better understand how the EU works.
  • Prohibit unpaid internships and guarantee quality internships for young people, paying particular attention to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Consider alleviating income tax for employees under the age of 25.