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The European Union must act more quickly and more effectively

European Democratic Party Consolidate the European Union

European Democrats are profoundly convinced that peace is the cornerstone of any prosperous civilisation in Ukraine, Israel, and the world. In this spirit, we will strive tirelessly to cultivate peaceful relations, promote non-violent conflict resolution and a culture of peace on a global scale. We are determined to fight corruption, human rights abuses and political repression. We will promote international justice and security, particularly in neighbouring countries, while combating external interference.
We will strengthen cooperation with our partners who share ideas based on mutual respect and common values. We aim to play a leading role in the reform of multilateralism and promote our values within international cooperation. We want to consolidate the European Union’s position and influence globally by promoting its strategic autonomy and speaking with one voice.
We want a genuine Common Security and Defence Policy. The EU’s internal and external security is one of our priorities in the face of hybrid threats, which represent a major security challenge. We will propose strengthening European security agencies and intensifying cross-border cooperation to achieve this. We will support specific actions such as establishing joint European intervention forces and purchasing military equipment.
With regard to migration and asylum (see the Migration Flows chapter), we want to align European policies and improve the protection of the European Union’s external borders.
We are determined to combat arms trafficking, with a particular focus on the post-war period in Ukraine.
We believe in a world where peace is not just an ideal but a reality for everyone, guaranteeing a safe and harmonious future for all generations.

Priority Actions


Promote world peace, international justice and security in neighbouring countries and combat external interference, corruption, human rights abuses, rule of law violations and political repression.

Protect independent media and ethnic and religious minorities.

Create a new global alliance for democracy, especially in partnership with major democracies such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Take a firm stance against human rights violations against minorities (e.g. LGBTQ+ people) in third countries, using all possible means of pressure.


Play a leading role in the reform of multilateralism, and in particular, call for the reform of the United Nations Security Council to create more multilateral alliances as well as promote dialogue between different cultures and civilisations, strengthen peace, human rights and democracy in the world and promote “soft power”, our values and strategic autonomy.


Strengthen the role of European Union companies in non-member countries as multipliers of the Union’s values while considering the needs of EU SMEs.

Include these companies in trade agreements.

Guarantee respect for European Union labour and human rights standards in international trade agreements.

Combat arms trafficking, with a particular focus on the post-war period in Ukraine.


Align European migration and asylum policies.

Improve the protection of the European Union’s external borders.

Deploy a coherent strategy in the fight against “hybrid threats and campaigns” to help European countries counter them effectively.


Develop a genuine European military power and support Europe’s strategic autonomy while preserving the transatlantic relationship with NATO.

Strengthen the European Union Military Staff (EUMS) to ensure effective coordination and planning of military operations.

Encourage joint European procurement of military equipment to achieve economies of scale.