person running on tracking field

The importance of grassroots sport in European society is at the heart of our vision. We consider the development of sport for young people as a cornerstone, but we will also pay particular attention to seniors. We aim to create an environment that is respectful, inclusive and conducive to health for all our fellow citizens, regardless of their origin, age or physical condition. This will not only help to promote the physical and mental health of everyone but also strengthen the social fabric of our communities.

We will focus on creating spaces for integration and equity. How do we aim to achieve this in practice? By ensuring access to suitable equipment and developing specific programmes that meet individual needs. This approach will be based on our conviction that equal opportunities must be a concrete and non-negotiable reality in the Europe we are building.

The well-being of young people are at the heart of our concerns; we are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. Our varied range of physical activities and our wider dissemination of knowledge on the impact of nutrition, sleep and hygiene will be concrete steps in raising awareness of the importance of physical and mental well-being from a young age.

Our actions will also be inspired by fundamental ethical values. Through enriching educational programmes and awareness-raising initiatives, we will encourage loyalty, respect, honesty and solidarity. These values are not merely concepts but concrete elements that will frame our efforts for a fulfilled and dynamic youth.

Finally, collaboration and mutual respect will be the central pillars of a united Europe we want to build. We will work collectively to refine the social skills of young people through group activities, competitions and events. We are convinced this will strengthen interpersonal ties and create the outlines of a united and cohesive Europe.

By redoubling our efforts and embracing this approach, we will shape the new face of Europe. This face will reflect our commitment to youth, equality, vitality and values.

Priority Actions

  • Promote participation in sport for all young people, regardless of origin or physical ability.

  • Multiply opportunities for all and strengthen social integration.

  • Offer suitable equipment with specific programmes for particular needs.

  • Integrate educational programmes to promote ethical values such as loyalty, respect, honesty and solidarity.

  • Raise awareness of social and environmental issues through educational initiatives.

  • Define and promote a European model of sport and add European flags and national flags at international European competitions, including the Olympic Games in France this year.

  • Ensure respect for the fundamental freedoms and principles of the EU, particularly equality, in professional sport and promote the development of women’s competitions.

  • Develop a strategy for European video games.

  • Contribute to the development of a European creative economy and the promotion of e-sports.

  • Promote new governance for European football and reform of UEFA.